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Wave breaking right, surfing in Panama. | PANAMA SURF
                 Photo by: Juan Oliva @klitin19

About Panama

Panama plays host to a multitude of fantastic set-ups spanning both the Pacific and Caribbean. The Pacific coast is famed for its classic surf beach breaks and long points which work all year round. Fast breaking hollow but accessible waves have made the Pacific coast an extremely popular destination. Less swell arrives during the dry season but offshore winds blow nearly every day. The region was first surfed sometime in the early 1960s by the brothers Tomas and Ruben Miro. To find out more about this, check out our blog.

Tomas and Ruben Miro surfing in Santo Domingo, Panama - Panama Surf photo

                             Tomas and Ruben Miro surfing at Santo Domingo in Panama City 1964.
                              Photo courtesy of: Rupert Turner

Later, Americans stationed at the bases in the Panama Canal Zone joined in. The Caribbean side receives surprisingly good swell in-season and reef breaks such as Panama's Bocas Del Toro. Water temperatures rarely vary, hovering around 27-28°C or 81 to 82°F.


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