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This is the story of PANAMA SURF®, a very small surf shop selling graphic surf tees in Panama that emerged from a country surrounded by the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean. Back in the 50's and 60's, two Panamanian brothers were credited to be the pioneers of the sport of surfing in the small isthmus. The brothers, Tomas Miro and Ruben Miro started surfing in Panama in the area of Las Bovedas. The Americans stationed in the Panama Canal Zone followed later on. The local surf culture was born. In 1968 Panama participated in the World Surfing Championship held at Rincon, Puerto Rico. Back then, Panama sent their first Panama Surf Team to compete for the first time. As the demand for surfboards, tee shirts, tank tops, bathing suits and other surfing products emerged, local surfers got together and created the first surf shop in Panama. Panama Surf officially opened its doors in June of 1980. Since its humble beginnings, it had a cult like following. Panama participated as an organized SURF TEAM in events in Barbados, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. We met great people along the way, Tom Curren, Aaron Chang, Kelly Slater and many others. In 1994 Panama Surf organized the first and only ASP sanctioned event held in Panama as part of the World Tour. Frieda Zamba and Danny Melhado won their respective categories at the PANAMA SURF / KOOL Pro-Ame ASP World Tour Sanctioned event.

In our humble beginnings, we always focused on bringing to the local surfers the best possible products. In regards to our tops, we concentrated in creating a great t-shirt design for all of our t-shirts and tank tops. Panama Surf also introduced surf apparel from the top brands of the time like Quiksilver graphic surf tees, Billabong short and long sleeve tee-shirts, women's bathing suits, board shorts, men's surfwear, hoodies, sweatshirts. Our surf shop t-shirts became very popular and our clients started collecting them. We even had men's 

Now we offer a complete surf apparel line. We offer graphic surf tees, t-shirts, tank tops, rash guards, boardshorts, shorts, caps, hats, decals, stickers and surf accessories.

We have carefully chosen our products to offer the best surf wear and beach clothing line possible. We still offer some vintage surf tee shirts for our nostalgic clients. Help us make PANAMA SURF the best beachwear line. 

If your local surf shop does not carry our products, show them our website. 

Find yourself in nature and explore unspoiled beaches and uncrowded spots. Let our salt waters run through your veins.























Freida Zamba with a white Panama Surf t-shirt design getting her trophy.

View of the spectators at the 1994 ASP PANAMA SURF - KOOL Surf World Tour at Isla Grande, Colon, Panama.

International competitor - surfer entering the water wearing a green Panama Surf lycra t-shirt at the 1994 ASP PANAMA SURF - KOOL Surf World Tour at Isla Grande, Colon in Panama.

View of the waves at the 1994 ASP PANAMA SURF - KOOL Surf World Tour at Isla Grande, Province of Colon in Panama.