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Who is considered the FATHER of SURF in Panama?

This has definitely been an argument that has been much debated between the early surfing pioneers of Panama. Some believe that the zonians (Canal Zone residents) were the first. So we set out to shed some light on this issue. We interviewed several surfers from the era and one name always came forward, TOMAS MIRO. One of the old surfers that we got to interview was Rupert Turner. This is what he said: "To understand the "History of Surfing in Panamá" There is Only one beginning.... There was Only One Man. Tomas Miro.  Tomas.... along with his younger brother Ruben Miro were the first two surfers in Panamá waters.   From these two young men.... The complete history of surfing in Panama...

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Why buy a Panama Surf t-shirt?

We live in an information overload age. Shopping malls are over saturated with different brands that sell similar surf tees from classic surf t shirts to more modern ones. You also have millions of options available online. So, how do you know the difference between one product and another? When buying a quality t-shirt there are several things that you should look for: Quality build Feel Fit Washability Graphic/design on your shirt 1.QUALITY BUILD. At Panama Surf we only use the best materials. We offer two different styles. One is our 100% cotton graphic tees and the other is our tri-blend t-shirt. We will give you more of the technical aspects of this when we get to "2. Feel". Our...

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